Isotrak Partners with Opturion to Deliver Complete Optimisation Platform

Isotrak’s fleet management system, ATMSi, pairs with Opturion’s Dynamic Scheduling and Optimisation to Give Customers Unparalleled Efficiencies

Sydney, Australia – 08 October, 2015 – Isotrak Ltd (@Isotrak), a global leader in fleet management software and fleet telematics systems, today announced a strategic partnership with Opturion, a world leader in next generation optimisation technology, to deliver a complete transportation solution that brings together best-in-class telematics, scheduling and optimisation systems.

With Opturion’s optimisation platform fully integrated with Isotrak’s fleet management software, ATMSi (Active Transport Management System), customers can benefit from the convergence of real-time fleet telematics and Opturion’s unique combination of technology, power, flexibility and ease of us – all delivered on a single platform.

“At Isotrak, we are continually looking at ways to better our solution,” said Harry Mullan, vice president of business development for Isotrak Australia. “With our new partnership, mission critical telematics and logistics data moves easily across the entire transportation organization to give our customers the most efficient solution for both proactive management and quickly adapting to unexpected changes in the day, in real-time.”

Isotrak’s ATMSi analyzes data and provides a real-time view of the performance of vehicles and drivers – including that last mile to the back of stores. This unprecedented visibility extends not only to private fleets, but also third party suppliers as well.  Meanwhile, the Opturion Routing Module enables companies to transport freight with maximum efficiency and minimal costs. To meet the demands of scale – whether hundreds or thousands of sites and varying requirements of client fleets – the Routing Module combines the most advanced algorithms from researchers worldwide with the robustness and flexibility of the Opturion Platform.

“Isotrak is the ideal partner to help Opturion meet the unique demands of fleets everywhere,” said Alan Dormer, CEO of Opturion. “Combining the speed and reliability of Opturion’s technology with Isotrak’s advanced telematics platform creates the ultimate fleet management and operational optimisation solution that the industry hasn’t experienced before.”

About Isotrak Ltd

Isotrak is the leading provider of fleet management software solutions and systems integration to some of the largest Fortune 500 companies and to six of the top 25 largest food retailers worldwide. With our award-winning transport management system, ATMSi, businesses gain real-time visibility, control and measurement of their fleet’s performance through: Vehicle & Trailer Tracking, Job & Resource Management (including Plan vs. Actual), Electronic Proof-of-Delivery (EPOD), Driver Communications, Driving Style Management, Business Intelligence Reporting, and DOT-compliant Electronic Logs for Hours of Service (HOS) and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR). For more information, visit, or follow us on Twitter @Isotrak.

About Opturion

Opturion was formed to commercialise 60 man years of research at Monash and Melbourne University. The aim of the research project was to make optimisation (essentially decision support) more powerful and solve larger problems faster. In turn this would increase the number of users, and the contribution that optimisation makes to the economy and society. A forerunner of the Opturion platform was acquired by CISCO and is now used to optimise traffic on the Internet. They don’t get any bigger or harder than that. The other aim was also to make building optimisation easier and cheaper. This, again, would lower the barriers to entry and result in more applications and wider adoption. Our vision is one where optimisation is as common as the spreadsheet in decision making. For more information, visit



Joanna Swartwood
Global Marketing Manager