7 signs you need trailer tracking

Often people suffer in silence for a long time before realising that their problems had a simple solution all along. Being a fleet manager is no easy task so why have you not considered trailer tracking before? A simple solution that gives you the tools required to improve your fleets efficiency and increase your fleets bottom line.

So, how do you know if trailer tracking would benefit you and your business?

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1. Regular trailer servicing is a logistical nightmare

You have operational standards that must be met every 3 weeks, but the logistics of finding trailers, allocating downtime and bringing them to be serviced is a process that often causes fleet managers headaches. Having a trailer tracking solution that provides maintenance scheduling is such an effective way of getting rid of those headaches. Plan your trailers routes around upcoming service deadlines to ensure they remain compliant and you stay stress-free.

2.Your paper trail is getting overwhelming

Keeping your paper work organised is often more difficult than it needs to be. Sometimes receipts and sign-in sheets go missing or get destroyed and you are left with holes in your audit trail. With trailer tracking solutions you produce complete, detailed and paperless audit trails accessible from any device. With a comprehensive trailer tracking solution  you have an efficient audit trail that provides you with your trailers’ usage times and length spent on depot sites for a paperless proof of delivery system.

3. Slow turnaround times are losing you money

If your turnaround times are slow or inefficient, or your trailers are often waiting for the depot to be prepared you are losing time and money. Many trailer tracking solutions come with polygon geofencing features that notify you via sms/email and/or run reports to see what time a trailer arrived and departed from a chosen location. A good example of this is Isotrak’s ETA widget, this helps notify your depots and customers of what trailers are coming onto site and when, for a prepared site and faster turnaround times.

4. Your trailers have too much downtime

How many times have your trailers been left on site for weeks at a time? Or you have realised that your customers have more trailers than contracted? If your answer is “too many times” then your current method of tracking trailers is probably affecting your company’s bottom line. Most trailer tracking solutions have multiple features including trailer utilisation. Trailer utilisation saves you the time and energy by tracking all your trailers details such as trailer size, type, location and geofence entry’s, this feature also outlines how you can use your trailers more efficiently by analysing the usage reports. Immediately adjust your number of trailers and optimise your fleet to create a better customer experience.

5. You’re blind to your assets

We cannot stress enough that a good trailer tracking solution, should give you 100% visibility of your trailers, if you are relying on luck and trust to ensure your trailers and assets are okay then there is bound to be a hiccup at some point. With many affordable trailer temperature monitoring solutions available on the market there is no need to ask your drivers to manually record the trailers temperature for you. With Verilocation’s wired/wireless temperature probes you get all round coverage for a complete temperature report, as well as threshold alerting to ensure immediate action is taken. Door opening alerts keep your trailers secure and tyre pressure monitoring systems keep them on the road and axle weight measurements keep your trailers compliant with over-loading laws. Investing in a trailer tracking system keeps your trailers so you can streamline and optimise your fleet.Trailer tracking invoicing

6. Your invoicing process is slow

Invoicing can often be slow and tedious if you do not have the correct tools to aid you. If you are relying on paper copies for proof of delivery you tend to find that the paperwork comes back damaged or it doesn’t come back at all. Having an all-in-one paperless proof of delivery solution gives you the freedom to create and send invoices within minutes, as the arrival and departure reports are updated in real time.

7. Recovering lost trailers is a frustrating process

This is one of the most common issue we find that fleet managers have to deal with on a daily basis. Having trailers that are ‘lost’ for weeks on end and having to call up depots, drivers and customers to try and locate them is an unnecessary process for fleet managers to go through. Trailer tracking is an effective solution for this, with live tracking from a battery that lasts around 7 years gives you complete visibility and sound of mind at all time. Do you need to know where your trailer is? Just type the registration into your tracking search bar. Or when your trailers left a depot? You can run your trailers’ journey history reports.

All in all, if tracking your trailers and paperwork is frustrating and time consuming then there are simple, cost-effective solutions out there that gives you the tools to optimise your fleet and increase your bottom line. If you are interested in looking at a trailer tracking solution or don’t know where to start have a chat with one of us at the Isotrak Group.

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